Pure . Whole Wheat . CLASSIC

Pure . Whole Wheat . CLASSIC

Pure . Whole Wheat . CLASSICPure . Whole Wheat . CLASSICPure . Whole Wheat . CLASSIC

handmade with the purest ingredients

and hidden superfoods

Paushtaa is a Super Healthy bakery range. Each and every product is packed with super foods to provide wholesome nourishment, even at snack time. We have ensured organic ingredients, direct from farms and chemical free processing. Join us, make the healthiest choice!  




Paushtaa range of superfood infused cookies are all whole grain based and use absolutely no refined flours, sugars or oils. Perfect for an energy packed mid-meal or to take away as a snack on the go! Choose from: Ragi | Almond | Dates & Raisins



Thin and crispy, these baked savoury sticks and chips, are full of hidden seeds, so that your craving for a snack is satisfied without guilt. Take your pick:
Peanut Chia chips  

Breads & Tea Cakes


Might sound cliche', but it really cannot get healthier than this! Wholewheat and made with natural fermentation process. Our breads come with a tag of 'chemical free' and our cakes come with the goodness of Jaggery. 

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There is joy in delivering on the trust placed in us

Every ingredient used in Paushtaa products is sourced carefully to ensure the best quality. The entire process is hygienic and chemical free!

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